Saturday 11 March 2017

Some New Stuff!

Sorry, I started an account on Tumblr and FurAffinity so I've sorta been neglecting this one ^^; So I was thinking that, since I get less reponses/views/comments here than any other account I have, I'll post here less often, with bulk posts of all my latest works. Hopefully I can make that work :D Follow me on Tumblr for more regular updates!

Friday 17 February 2017

Poké-Police Girl Detained!

A commission for a DeviantART/FurAffinity user. The character (Angelica Pridestone) also belongs to him.

Welp, I guess I can no longer say I haven't drawn furry! This is my furst attempt at it--I furoughly doubt it'll become a regular thing (though I'm open to trying it again), so just bear with me. I think it turned out okay! Although Angelica would disagree--I don't think she's used to having her (wait for it) kitty so exposed! (Okay, I'm done now).

The character's name is Angelica Pridestone. Apparently she's a Pyroar! Man, it's been too long since I was up-to date with Pokemon. I remember when Celebi was the cool new Pokemon! Anyway, her full profile can be found here:

The Sleep Sack

Happy Valentine’s/Single Awareness Day! 
The perfect time to let your special subby know how much they mean to you! Looks like Anna and Rebecca are getting into the romantic spirit–although they seem to have different ways of showing it! ;) 

Protip: Never leave your bound subby unattended! And, uh, maybe stick a vibrator in there with them to keep them from falling asleep ;P

Friday 10 February 2017

Serena in the Dungeon

'Nother commission from a user on deviantART, featuring Serena from Pokemon! Looks like Serena's been added to someone's Pokedex! Now all she needs is to be trained ;)

Wednesday 1 February 2017

To Catch a Train

Another commission for my friend Stacy, who seems to have gotten a taste for getting herself into peril situations! ;) Aren’t we glad that we live in a society with such efficient public transportation?

Saturday 28 January 2017

Catch of the Day

I'm back! Huzzah!
After beating every run of Undertale, I just had to do something with Undyne, the sexy fish lady! Somehow I imagine she'd be more than okay with being a submissive ("YEAH! I'M INTO IT!").
I kinda got the inspiration for this from an Undyne/Alphys fan comic/hentai called "Role Play," by an arteest called Undertaild. You can find that here:

Does it smell fishy in here, or is it just me?

Tuesday 17 January 2017

'Nother commission! This time it's from deviantART user Sovereign 64, featuring his OC Miranda Waters. Her full OC profile can be seen here: